The season begins…

Well, actually the season on our league started a couple of weeks ago, but my first match was this morning. I was quite nervous, having not done any refereeing since May, but it was actually a really good game and it reminded me why I do drag myself out on a Sunday morning! I even gave a penalty – and made them retake it because one of the attacking players came into the penalty area before the kick was taken. And then explained to 11 players who were all saying ‘But ref! That’s not fair!’ that yes, according to the Laws, in that situation you let the kick be taken and then if the ball goes in the net, you make the attacking team retake the kick.


One thought on “The season begins…

  1. And yes, the tops of my socks are horrendously grey. I need to get some new ones! We're allowed to wear all black now, which will be much easier – black socks with white tops are a nightmare to wash!

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