Weekword: Temptation

This week’s Weekword was chosen by Mandyland – and it’s a good one! In June I decided I was just too heavy – I wasn’t overweight, but I was heavier than I’m comfortable with. I knew I’d been ‘treating myself’ to things like cake and cheese and pizza and wine far too often, and I’d been using running as an excuse to fill my face with pasta at every opportunity. The upshot being that I was 11 stone 3 and Something Had To Be Done. I’m not one for denying myself and I’m not one for obsessive calorie counting, so I signed up to a website called Food Focus which does all the hard work for you. It gives you a daily net calorie goal based on your height, your starting weight, your activity level and how much you want to lose per week. Then you log the food you eat (there’s a huge database of foods and you can add new foods to your own personal list of favourites) and the exercise you do, and you can keep track of whether you’re meeting your calorie goal. Since I started I’ve lost around a pound and a half a week and am now at 10 stone 1 1/2, just a pound and a half off my ultimate target of 10 stone!

Obviously, while I’m not denying myself the odd treat, I am being more careful than I used to be – which means resisting temptation! Most of the time my willpower is pretty strong – but then every now and then something like someone bringing amazing raspberry macarons to work happens, and I can resist no more…! Luckily everything’s good for you in moderation, especially macarons.


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