Further eggsperiments…

I’d seen silicone poach pods in Lakeland but thought they were a bit expensive at £5 for a pack of two – and then I saw them in Poundland (I’m so classy…) and obviously they were just £1 for two! So I bought some, and had a go at poaching an egg for my post-run supper. I think I started off with the hob on too low a heat, as the egg took forever to cook, but once I turned it up a bit it was fine. I put a lid on for about 30 seconds at the end, again to avoid any risk of runny egg white, and I ended up with a perfectly poached egg with a lovely runny yolk. Yum!


2 thoughts on “Further eggsperiments…

  1. ummm… perhaps this would make a nice Christmas stocking gift for my husband… I don't like runny eggs – but he does!last summer, I visited a Poundland store… will have to post the pic of the sign on my blog!

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