Weekword: Christmas!

I was in charge of choosing this week’s Weekword, and I chose Christmas! I love Christmas – I love all the decorations and festivities and especially the food and drink! This year is a bit different in my family – we’ll have a Finn with us, and they celebrate on Christmas Eve, so we’ll have a Finnish Christmas on the 24th and an English Christmas on the 25th!

So here are a few photos of my favourite things about Christmas…

The decorations on my little tree:

Christmas snow-capped biscuits:

The lovely sparkly Christmas lights near my house:

And finally, our dearly departed dog Basil, who loved Christmas (especially opening presents!)

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9 thoughts on “Weekword: Christmas!

  1. Oh poor Basil. – so adorable…my best friend Patty just lost her dog Comet….we are all so sad. Comet was my walking buddy and I will miss her. Pat just picked up the box with the ashes in it today. So sad…yet a treasure to have and one of the very BEST gifts to man! Wishing you and your family a Happy Christmas eve Celebration!

  2. I'm so sorry – I was the first to commit to participating & then the last to post! but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to post more thoughts about my favorite season of the year!For those of you who are passing on this week's word (with Sally at Dairio http://diario.bunny-land.com/) – I'm sending you HOLIDAY WISHES… and see you in 2011…

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