Frugal February: Week One

So I’ve been trying to be frugal for a whole week now, and I think it’s gone fairly well. I haven’t bought any new clothes, which is a major achievement – last Wednesday I forgot to bring socks to wear for Pilates, but I went to Peacocks and bought the cheapest pair of socks they had. Which happen to have zebras on them!

I did spend money at the pub with some people from work on Thursday, and then on Saturday I bought some tile paint, a sanding block and a paintbrush to paint the tiles around my kitchen sink with. Fair enough, that was spending I didn’t need to do. The tiles do look fab, though. I want to do the rest of the kitchen now but that would involve doing things like moving the cooker and the fridge and I don’t think I’m up for tackling that!

I’ve done quite well with food shopping, too – I had a friend round for supper on Sunday, and when I went to Tesco to do my ‘big ingredients shop’ I feared the worst. But in fact I spent less than £7.50 and for that I got carrots, coriander seeds and crème fraiche for my carrot and coriander soup, buttermilk for my soda bread (I already had the flours, egg, bicarb and walnuts), apples and custard for my apple crumble, cucumber for my gin and tonic (Hendricks, of course) and crisps for nibbling. I didn’t think that was too bad! I’m going to have egg and beans on toast for supper tonight – Wednesday night is Pilates night, and I usually pop to the little Tesco on the corner afterwards, but as I already have eggs, beans and bread at home, there isn’t really any need to do that!


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