More weekend cooking!

And another recipe involving chickpea flour! I’d been meaning to make these baked sweet potato falafel for ages, but hadn’t got round to it. They’re from the Leon cookbook – I really like Leon, especially their sweet potato falafel wraps! Making yesterday’s socca reminded me that I wanted to try them, so today I got the chickpea flour out again and made a batch. You can find the recipe here, on the amazing 101 Cookbooks blog.

As you can see, my food photography isn’t quite as good!

I halved the recipe and got a baker’s dozen – 13 two-bite-sized falafel! I also made a lovely batch of coleslaw (it’s impossible to make a small amount of coleslaw – I used a quarter of a smallish white cabbage, a really small red onion and one carrot, and I’ve got enough to last a week!) and the whole thing was truly delicious. Very like the actual Leon ones, even though I used fresh mint (which I have in my windowbox) instead of fresh coriander (which I didn’t have).


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