WIAW: Running on Full

It’s Wednesday again already! How on earth did that happen? And Wednesday means it’s time for this…

Yep, it’s WIAW! Today began as days usually begin at the moment. Look at the lovely leaf on my ‘heritage’ apple!

Said apple ended up on top of my morning porridge – my usual mix of oats and wheatbran and date and coconut porridge, although I’m slightly bored now and am quite looking forward to finishing the tub! I think when it’s done I’ll just get some plain oats and wheatbran and then add different things to it.

Then lunch was an M&S Super Wholefoods salad with blueberries and mango (and quinoa, pearl barley, cranberries, raisins, pumpkin seeds and various other things) – and of course, being broccoli-obsessed as I am, I bought one of the handy little mini bags of broccoli that M&S do and microwaved that to add into my salad. Yum yum!

Then I came home and had another bowl of porridge and my usual pre-run rye toast with peanut butter. I didn’t bother taking pictures of those! I wouldn’t usually have the porridge as well, but I’d planned to run 10 miles so thought I should have something extra. In the end I didn’t run 10 miles – there was only a small group doing that route and they were all going to be way faster than me, and I didn’t know the route so I’d either have got lost or slowed them all down, and as they’re training for things I didn’t think that would be fair! So I ran the middle distance, 4.4 miles, and made sure I kept up a decent 9:30-mile pace.

When I got back, I had the chocolate hemp shake I’d made before my run – I didn’t really need it but it was sitting in the fridge so I thought I might as well have it! I tried the strawberry hemp powder on Monday night and it was actually much nicer than the chocolate, which surprised me!

And then I had a proper dinner – I always need something quick and easy after running club, as I don’t usually get home until 8:45pm, and tonight I decided to use up the bag of spinach and ricotta tortellini that kept falling out of the freezer at me every time I opened the door. I just fried up some mushrooms and added garlic, herbs and a mini tub of extra-light Philadelphia, and mixed it all in with the pasta. It was lovely – I haven’t had pasta for ages!


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