Hello winter!

On Christmas Day it was 13 degrees and mild…now it’s about 2 degrees and very icy! We’re expecting snow any minute and it’s absolutely freezing.

This morning I put my big snow boots on and walked to my Pilates class – a water main had burst just down the road, and I saw these amazing icicles!

Then I came home, dyed my hair and put on about twenty layers of clothing, before making a batch of Lorraine Pascale’s pumpkin and rosemary muffins. I had half a butternut squash in the fridge, and happily it ended up being exactly the right amount for the recipe! They’re cooling at the moment, and they look and smell lovely…

I’m meant to be going for a long run tomorrow morning (last Sunday I totally surprised myself by running 14 miles – that’s further than I’ve ever run before!) but I suppose it depends on how much snow we get! I’ll be keeping a keen eye on the running club’s Facebook page to see whether we’re going to brave it or not!


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