Veg Box Day: 27/03/12

It’s veg box week, hoorah! This fortnight’s box had cauliflower, leeks, rocket, spring greens, cucumber, potato and carrots. I was a bit worried about ending up with a potato mountain, as I already had half a bag left from two weeks ago, but this time I’ve got four large baking potatoes rather than the smaller red-skinned ones I had last time, so I can use them for different things.

I’d found this artichoke, leek and potato casserole on Pinterest a while back, and it was perfect for tonight’s supper – I already had a tin of artichoke hearts, so all I needed to buy was cream cheese and lemon! The recipe was great, but I think it could do with lots of garlic (I added a clove, but I’d probably use at least two next time) and maybe some rosemary. Nevertheless, it was gorgeous and as you can see I had a suitably enormous portion, with some of the rocket and a bit of balsamic dressing.


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