Pasta, pesto and potatoes…

…and other things beginning with P, I shouldn’t wonder!

As you may remember, I got a bag of rocket in this week’s veg box, and obviously it needs using up fairly quickly. I fancied the idea of making a sort of pesto with it, and then I remembered this recipe for pasta and pesto with green beans, from Hugh F-W’s amazing River Cottage Veg Every Day. I’ve had the book for a while now and it’s gorgeous, but this is the first thing I’ve actually made – well, the first thing I’ve made my own totally bastardised version of, anyway. My sister pointed out at the weekend that I never actually make a recipe as it’s meant to be, I always mess around with it!

Anyway, I didn’t have any green beans, so I didn’t use those, and I made my ‘pesto’ by whizzing up a big handful of the aforementioned rocket, some toasted sunflower seeds, a big clove of garlic, a big squeeze of lemon juice, some salt and pepper and a little bit of olive oil (and I mean a little bit, not like when Jamie Oliver says ‘…and a little bit of olive oil’ and then slugs in half a bottle). Then I cut a couple of small potatoes into cubes and boiled them for about five minutes before adding some spelt spaghetti and letting it all cook until the potatoes were soft and the pasta was done. And then I just stirred the pesto into the hot pasta. It was really nice, and perfect for my pre-half-marathon diet, as it involved two forms of carbohydrate!

Look! It’s light enough in the evenings to take photos of my dinner without crappy lamplight!


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