Apple, honey and polenta cake. And a new oven…

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve just moved house. And I do mean house – for the last four and a half years I’ve been in a flat by myself, but now I’m sharing a whole house with one of my ‘honorary sisters’. It’s just up the road from my old flat and it’s totally gorgeous. There’s a garden and a bath and a kitchen big enough to swing at least three cats in (don’t try this at home) and the neighbours put their bins out on the right day and there are no mice (although there was a fox in the garden the other day, who leapt out from the bushes while my friend and I were sitting out there having a chat!)

We moved in just before the Bank Holiday weekend and then promptly buggered off to Somerset for a family christening, but the boxes are mostly unpacked now and I’ve pretty much finished sorting out my bedroom. I’ve put my pictures up on the walls and bought a new lamp and it’s all looking lovely.

On Friday night, my friend brought her three-week-old baby round for supper, and I decided to try out the oven in the new house. I made a really easy puff pastry tart thing with some of my homemade onion marmalade, Brie and purple sprouting broccoli, and then pudding was this (delicious, if I do say so myself) apple, honey and polenta cake which I’d spotted on Domestic Sluttery. I’d discovered a bag of polenta during the move that I’d completely forgotten I had, and I already had apples and honey, so it seemed perfect. The recipe says it will take 50-60 minutes to cook, but mine took more like an hour and a half because using my 8″ tin resulted in a very deep cake.

IMG_20130510_202935I really liked the fact that you line the bottom of the tin with apples and cinnamon and then pour the batter onto that, and then turn it out like an upside-down cake. I wasn’t even particularly precious about how I put the apple slices into the tin, but it came out looking really pretty! It’s a gorgeously rich and buttery cake (well, it does have an entire 250g pack of butter in it…) and it went seriously well with a blob of Greek yogurt. It also stays wonderfully moist and because it’s quite dense it tastes just as good the next day or even the day after that (if there’s any left by that point…)


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